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Pastor's Aid Ministry

Denise Wallace ~President

. Our pastor's aide committee provides support to the pastor of a church and his family in all areas of their lives. in our church it is a small group of members of the church, and they take on a detailed list of duties to complete their job.

Support and Prayer

The major duty of our pastor's aide committee is to pray for the needs of the pastor and his family. The committee provides the support needed to the pastor and his family, whether it be in the form of prayer, encouragement through words, or other actions that show their love and gratitude to the pastoral family.

Assist First Family

The pastor's aide committee assists the pastor and his family with other various needs, in a moral, spiritual, and financial sense. They keep track of the pastor's birthday, and his family's birthdays and other special anniversaries, and may plan activities or parties for these events. They put together special activities for holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Pastor's Appreciation Day, and assist the pastor in whatever he may need to best meet his goals for serving the church.


Fulfilling Needs

Our  pastor's aide committee provide any supplies or other items the pastor may need for his office or pulpit, such as preparing his robe for Sunday service. They also take charge of planning arrangements for guest preachers that may visit the church and the community, and encourage participation of all members of the church in ministry work or helping in further aid to the pastor.


Another duty of pastor's aide committees may be to show care for members of the church, as well as the pastoral family. They may contact members of the church who miss a couple of weeks of Sunday service, provide any needs for the elderly members of the church, and they visit members of the church who are sick in hospitals, nursing homes, or their own homes. they also greet visitors to the church. They may respond to bereavements within the church and express their sympathy in the form of cards of flowers.

Praying for the needs of the pastor and his familyEncouraging participation of the church members in the ministry workAssisting the pastor with personal and professional responsibilities, such as maintaining his robes, overseeing his family's needs, and fulfilling his pastoral duties in his absenceProviding pastoral care and counseling to church members, such as hospital visits, bereavement support, and spiritual guidance, Planning and executing church events, such as retreats, conferences, and community outreach programs.

Denise Wallace ~ President 

Jabri Williams 

Carol Washington

Min. Hattie McNair 

Bridgett Bethea

Mother Jean Stackhouse- Lady Tasha Moultrie 

Vivian Thompson - Lady Tasha Moultrie